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       Here's an selection from my book of poetry and prose, "How to Fly Your Heart"


How to Fly Your Heart



1. First, reach under your bed and pull out the cardboard storage chest.   


2. Blow the dust off the top and check for the label reading: “Heart”.


3. If this is the correct box, open it and remove the heart stored inside.


4. The heart must now be unfolded.  Some hearts may be a little stiff after

    years of storage, so open it carefully, but remember, hearts are generally

    made of resilient materials, so do not be overly concerned about tearing



5. Occasionally hearts may be found damaged.  If this has occurred, mend

    the heart with liberal amounts of forgiveness, hope, and time.


6. Some hearts may have a musty smell from extended storage.  Take it out

    in the fresh air and shake out any old bad feelings and dusty memories.     

    Wash with tears if needed, and hang in the fresh breeze and sunshine.


7. The next step is to decorate the heart.  Paint or color it with appropriate

    feelings, such as love, joy, or happiness. Don’t be concerned if your

    decorations differ from other hearts. It’s your heart. Be creative.


8. Finally, attach a good length of innocence to your decorated heart, take it

    outside, and let the wind carry it up into the sky.


Note: Some heartflyers prefer the daytime, when they can see their heart soaring in the blue skies; while others prefer nighttime and the moon’s softer glow. Still other die-hard heartflyers insist on flying their hearts day and night.


One word of caution: Some evidence exists that suggests Heartflying can be an addictive activity. Secondary symptoms include spontaneous bouts of smiling, feelings of elation and joy, and inexplicable happiness.

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