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Victorine Renaissance Flutes


Alto Flute in G



Tenor Flute in D



Bass Flute in G





These Renaissance Flutes are handmade of plastic and tuned electronically. The Alto is in G, the Tenor is in D, and the Bass is in G. A full consort consists of 1 Alto, 2 Tenors, and a Bass. (Another combination is: 3 Tenors, and 1 Bass) A fingering chart is included with order.

To order please email me (Dale Victorine) at or call (408) 768-1941.

I accept Paypal or checks.




Alto in G - $60.00 (Shipping $6.00)


Tenor in D - $80.00 ( Shipping $6.00)


Bass in G - $120.00 ( Shipping $6.00)


Consort of 1 Alto, 2 Tenors, and 1 Bass - $315.00 (Shipping $15.00)


Consort of 3 Tenors and 1 Bass - $335.00 (Shipping $15.00)




Dale E. Victorine

(408) 768-1941

Renaissance Flutes can be seen in this illustration by Praetorius in the bottom right-hand corner.

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